Excel II Fusing Machine

Excel II Fusing Machine

The Excel II model brings 21st century PLC control technology to the well-tried and tested Reliant Excel range.

This machine offers superb quality fusing output for all types of fusing production from heavy weight outerwear, shirt collars and components right through to lightweight blouses, dresses and casual wear.

  • PLC programmable controls with built in job memory
  • Low temperature fusing
  • Horizontal flat run tunnel
  • Elimination of shrinkage & fabric distortion
  • Power consumption – heat saving
  • Tri zone heating and control via PLC
  • PID temperature control via PLC
  • Auto compensating “floater heater” modules
  • Conveyor Belt Sensing Zone (BSZ)
  • Synchro-Trak belt tracking
  • High pressure capability
  • Effective fabric cooling
  • Automatic four stage cleaning
  • Controls and self diagnostics via PLC

Excel II Diagram

Excel II 120 Excel II 160
Conveyor Fusing Width 1200mm (48″) 1600mm (63″)
Overall Height 1200mm (48″) 1200mm
Overall Width 1910mm 2310mm
Overall Length 3520mm 3520mm
Net Weight 1350kg 1500kg
Power Supply 380v-440v 3ph+n/
380v-440v 3ph+n/
Overall Power Rating 22.8kw Typical 41kw Typical
Temperature Range 0-200ºC (0-395ºF) 0-200ºC (0-395ºF)
Air Pressure 6kg/cm² (90 PSI) 6kg/cm² (90 PSI)
Belt Speed Range in Metres Per Minute 3-15m/m 3-15m/m
Fusing Speed 7-35 secs 7-35 secs