Converting Equipment

Reliant Cutting and Peripheral Handling Equipment

TurretReliant Machinery Ltd, in conjunction with its associate companies, produces a wide range of equipment for in-line processing of all types of materials. This allows the company to provide a complete turnkey solution for customers who need to carry out downstream processing of their materials after lamination.

The range includes, in line cutting in the X & Y axis of both soft, flexible and rigid materials. Cutting can be carried out on moving webs as they exit the laminator by travelling or stop-start systems, depending on the materials. Incorporated in the range available is edge trimming and slitting with cut waste handling, accurate cross cutting on the moving web to allow sheets and short rolls to be continuously produced from web fed materials, multi-lane narrow width tape slitting, integrated twin turret rewinding for in line changeovers, tube cutters.

In addition to the cutting equipment, Reliant also produces accumulators and splicing systems for continuous production, automatic de-stacking and re-stacking systems for automated sheet feeding and offloading, corner trimming, edge folding and back wrapping for panel production, in-line ultra-sonic systems. Reliant will also consider the design and production of in-line custom built systems to enable customers to process products requiring specialized handling.