Reliant has been supplying fabric lamination equipment for a wide range of automotive applications for many years. Leading companies in the industry have chosen Reliant because of the high level and reliability of performance that is consistently offered by Reliant fabric lamination equipment.

Automotive Applications for Fabric Lamination

  • Car seat covering
  • Carpet compounds
  • Headliners assembly
  • Door and boot panelling
  • Acoustic products
  • Insulating constructions
  • ABC pillar covers
  • Pre-application of adhesives
  • Pre-lamination for moulded parts
  • Lamination and Compression of composites for interior and exterior components
  • Leather

VW Bentley, producers of the world class brand of luxury saloon and sports coupe vehicles, chose Reliant as their fabric lamination equipment partner for production of their leather laminate internal cabin components when Reliant installed in 2005, arguably the only laminating line which operates within an OEM car assembly line.

Reliant equipment is used for the production of all types of leather components, ABC pillar coverings, seating materials, headliners, and also composites for both internal and external assemblies.