Reliant laminating systems have been used for many years for the production of a wide range of household products.

Many of the world’s leading producers of window blinds use Reliant laminators to enhance and put added value into their products. Window blinds is a well established market, and new developments in this highly active field provide interesting opportunities for customers to achieve a fast cost payback on capital investment.

The ability of Reliant laminators to run materials in a stress free environment provides customers laminating mattress ticking, tufted carpets, and other similar products which can easily be distorted, shrunk or otherwise damaged. Our Laminators allow the customer to produce without affecting the conspicuity of the original structure.

Likewise, under floor insulation and foams and carpet backings are widely produced on Reliant machines. New developments in carpet backing processes makes Reliant powder coating and laminating techniques a very cost effective and efficient system for processing of tuft lock and secondary laminate backing systems.

Household Products

  • Curtains and blinds
  • Underlay backing for carpets
  • Tuft lock for carpets
  • Floor tiles
  • Waterbeds and beds upholstery
  • Mattress Ticking
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Table mats
  • Luggage linings and dividers