Reliant has developed unique technology for the production of lingerie products, especially the guaranteed quality of moulded bras.

Lingerie Applications

  • Reliant Sure-Bra Laminating system for moulded bra cups
  • Stretch fabrics and films for all types of lingerie applications
  • Laminating and folding systems for straps
  • Sew-free processing for bras and other garments using powder film and web adhesive systems

Reliant laminators and handling systems offer the ability to laminate completely stress free, stretch fabrics and those which suffer from shrinkage and other distortions in processing, avoiding the problems often associated with other laminating systems such as wet spray and hot melt calendering systems.

Reliant laminating systems are therefore used by many of the leading OEM brands of lingerie around the world as well as their sub-contractors.

Stretch films, webs, and powder adhesive systems are used to achieve wash fast, stretchable and soft handle lingerie production as well as sew-free products.